3 May 2015
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- Nahoo

12 May 2011
Britney-J-Spears.com is for sale!
Dear Britney fans everywhere!
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8 December 2006
Happy Holidays From Britney
On www.britneyspears.com
It's been so long since I've been out on the town with friends. It's also been two years since I've even celebrated my birthday. Every move I make at this point has been magnified more than I expected, and I probably did take my new found freedom a little to far, Anyway, thank God for Victoria's Secret's new underwear line! I look forward to a new year, new music and a new me.
I'm just geting started....Happy Holidays everyone!!
Britney - Trev

5 December 2006
Britney Tops Yahoo Search 2006
Britney Spears topped a list of most popular search terms for 2006 released by Yahoo Tuesday.
The scandal-plagued pop songstress topped the list for the fifth time in six years, thanks in part to news of her second child and divorce from husband Kevin Federline.
Many on Yahoo’s list served as tabloid fodder over the year, such as admitted bulimic Lindsey Lohan and Pam Anderson, who married Kid Rock only to divorce the rapper four months later.
"Controversy rocked the lives of several of the stars on this year's Top Search list and The 2006 Yahoo! Top Searches illustrate that people are closely following celebrity happenings and scandals," said Jess Barron, Yahoo Editor and Buzz Index Guru in a statement.
Yahoo’s overall Top 10 Searches are:
1. Britney Spears
2. WWE
3. Shakira
4. Jessica Simpson
5. Paris Hilton
6. American Idol
7. Beyonce Knowles
8. Chris Brown
9. Pamela Anderson
10. Lindsay Lohan
- Trev

4 December 2006
Britney's 25th Birthday
Girls just wanna have fun, especially when it comes to a birthday. Britney Spears was joined by Paris Hilton to celebrate Spears' 25th birthday Saturday night at Hyde Lounge in Los Angeles, says Hilton's publicist, Elliot Mintz.Spears and her entourage, minus Hilton, were photographed having dinner early in the evening at the Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills. Spears' group later met up with Hilton, also 25, at Hyde.
The Saturday late-night fest capped off a week of clubbing for Spears, who made headlines recently after photographs of her getting out of a car revealed she was not wearing panties.
The mother of two, who has filed for divorce from Kevin Federline, 28, has also been drawing media attention because of the company she has been keeping. In addition to being spotted with Hilton, Spears also has been photographed with party gal Lindsay Lohan, 20.
- Trev

7 November 2006
Britney and Kevin Divorce
LOS ANGELES - Pop-star Britney Spears has filed for divorce from dancer husband Kevin Federline, court documents showed, ending a two-year tabloid guessing game over the teen-idol's stormy marriage.
Lawyers for the 24-year-old multi-millionaire cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason Spears was seeking a divorce from Federline, 28, whom she married in 2004 after a whirlwind romance.
Spears, who shot to fame in the 1990s with a string of hits including "Oops I Did It Again," will seek custody of the couple's two baby children, documents filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday showed.
But sources told celebrity news website TMZ.com that Spears -- worth over 120 million dollars according to a 2004 Forbes survey -- was protected against a costly divorce settlement through an "iron-clad" pre-nuptial agreement.
A spokeswoman for Spears was not immediately available for comment as the bombshell development jostled for position with coverage of the US elections on television networks.
News of Spears' divorce came just one day after she made a surprise appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman," where she laughed and joked with the veteran chat show host but gave no clue of the impending announcement. Spears shot to superstardom in late 1998, with her smash hit debut album "Baby One More Time," which she followed with another chart-topping success the following year, "Oops!...I Did It Again."
According to Time magazine, Spears has sold over 76 million records worldwide and her 31 million albums sold in the US make her the eighth best-selling female artist in American music history.
Yet while Los Angeles-based Spears is idolised by many teenage fans, her personal life has become a favourite topic for debate from an insatiable entertainment media.
A much-publicised relationship and break-up with singer Justin Timberlake made her a prime tabloid target, and in January 2004 she attracted more headlines when she married childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander in Las Vegas, only to annul the union 55 hours later.
She married Federline three months after meeting him in 2004, but their relationship has been the subject of intense speculation in the celebrity press, with repeated reports the couple were planning to divorce.
In December 2005, Spears' spokeswoman Leslie Sloan denied reports that the couple were to split and that Federline was seeking a 125 million dollar divorce settlement.
"The story is untrue and hurtful," she said. "They are as normal as other couples. They fight, and they make up. They are fine and happy."
In June this year, the British edition of The National Inquirer was forced to issue an apology for two stories that cited unidentified friends of the couple as saying they were heading for divorce.
Spears also said in an interview with NBC that her marriage was in good shape, describing her relationship with Federline as "awesome" and blaming paparazzi for turning her into an "emotional wreck."
"He helps me. He has to. I'm an emotional wreck right now," Spears said, adding she believed the media wanted her marriage to collapse. "If they want it to fail, that's sad. I think everybody should be pro-love," she said.
But doubts about the couple's marriage persisted with tabloids painting Federline, a wannabe rapper, as a talentless gold-digger.
Spears was an enthusiastic cheerleader at Federline's debut public appearance as a rapper at a teenage awards ceremony in September, but the performance was ridiculed by music press.
Spears's legions of admirers banded together to launch a website urging their idol to dump Federline, www.divorcekevin.com.
- Trev

19 September 2006
I wanted to make a note and to extend my congratulations to Britney and Kevin on the birth of theyre new baby. I wish them all the best and I cannot wait to hear some new music from both :) - Trev

Britney to Rap?
Britney Spears may have just given birth to her second son in one year, but there is no doubt that the baby that needs the most attention these days is her fledgling pop career.
One of Britney’s new collaborators Sean Garrett is insisting that the pop tart’s new material is pretty crazy and fans will not be disappointed.
According to MTV Garrett said that he and Britney had been working on "some really crazy ass stuff that the world is going to love".
Jonathan ‘JR’ Rotem is also working with Britney on new material and he revealed that the singer had been trying her hand at rapping, well kind of…"Not 'rap' rap, but talk rap.”
Maybe she and K-Fed could do a rap duet, that’s not really rap? Britney’s new album is expected to be released next year, that’s if she doesn’t get knocked up again.
- Trev

Spears Names New Son
Britney Spears has reportedly named her second child, Sutton Pierce Federline, giving him the same initials as his older brother Sean Preston.
Sutton Pierce has dark curly hair, in contrast to his blonde brother, reports NW.
Spears, 24, gave birth to Sutton last week, according to reports in People magazine.
The birth was a quiet affair with Spears reportedly suffering from preeclampsia prior to the emergency Caesarean section.
The birth of another Spears boy came as a surprise to many as the former teen idol, who posed nude for Harper's Bazaar magazine, had led celebrity magazines to believe she was expecting a girl.
Spears gave birth to her other son, Sean Preston, just a year ago. - Trev

28 August 2006
Britney Bares all on Tokyo Subway
A heavily pregnant Britney Spears has finally bared all in Tokyo after subway bosses reversed a decision to censor an advertisement showing the US pop diva in the nude.
ADVERTISEMENT The photograph, taken for the cover of fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar, shows a six months' pregnant Spears covering her breasts above her swollen belly in a pose reminiscent of actress Demi Moore's iconic 1991 shoot for Vanity Fair.
Tokyo Metro initially asked the publisher to cover Britney below the elbows as the sight of her naked midriff and thighs was inappropriate for impressionable Japanese youths and more sensitive commuters.
But bosses later back-tracked after the story hit the local headlines, prompting dozens of commuters to contact the subway operator to request the pop sensation be displayed in her full glory.
In the end, her naked pose raised few eyebrows among harried Tokyo commuters Monday at Omotesando station.
"Why did they need to make such a fuss over a pregnant woman's nude poster in an era when people have easy access to naked pictures in our society," said 32-year-old office worker Satoshi Nakayama.
"There's nothing disgusting about the poster. It's beautiful and healthy," said Sei Takagi, a 63-year-old office worker.
Harper's Bazaar Japan's chief editor Keiko Murakami said the magazine wanted to "express a woman when she is full of energy and at her most shining moment."
The picture graces the cover the Harper's August issue in the United States and the October issue in Japan.
Spears, who shot to celebrity in 1999 with the song "Baby One More Time" and has since sold more than 60 million albums, has put her career on hold for more than a year but still stars in the gossip columns.
View Photo Here:
http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/060828/photos_ts_afp/3a9c3a5a49510a07320d831c3785cdab - Trev

Kevin to Star in CSI
IT appears Britney Spears' other half is just as multi-talented as she is.
Wannabe rapper Kevin Federline has landed a role on the small screen in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
The former dancer will no doubt get some valuable acting tips from his wife, who starred in the 2002 film Crossroads with Dan Akroyd and Kim Cattrall. - Trev

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